Bereavement and Loss

The Strength in Mind team is trained to deliver a bereavement and loss programme over 10/15 weeks, helping adults to understand and cope with the loss of someone close.

Specific members of the team are also trained to a level of supporting parents, children and adults through the complexity of death by suicide.

What does the bereavement and loss programme support?

You’re struggling with the physical and emotional pain of grief and heartache.  You’ve lost someone; a child, a parent, a partner, a loved one, a close friend, suddenly, through long term illness, through suicide or through a separation and your world seems to be falling apart and you don’t know how you’ll cope.

Here at Strength in Mind, we recognise that grief is the normal and natural reaction to loss whether that loss has been brought about by bereavement, i.e. the death of someone important in your life, the end of a relationship, or one of the over 40 significant life events that invoke grief.  Many grievers having experienced just how little useful help there is out there for people like them

Because grief is such a misunderstood and little talked about a topic it may be easier to start by saying what the Grief Recovery Method isn’t:

While any of the above routes may be of some little or great benefit, they mainly offer a path to discovery of the thoughts and feelings you have around the loss in your life.

The Grief Recovery Method is an action plan. It is a series of small steps that when taken, in order, by the griever it leads to the completion of all the unresolved business linked to the loss. It is also (as far as we know) the only grief support programme with an evidence base to it’s a positive impact. There are a number of ways in which you can learn the Grief Recovery Method for yourself or you can learn how to teach it to others by becoming a Certified Grief Recovery Specialist.

Grief is defined as the “conflicting emotions that follow the ending or change in familiar patterns of behaviour.” This complex emotional state has nothing to do with our intellect. We cannot rationalise ourselves better. Therefore, any “treatment” that appeals to our heads and not our hearts is doomed to fail.

At Strength in Mind, all our therapists are trained in the Bereavement & Loss programme or able to offer 1:1 counselling – dependant on your needs

Together we will bring lightness into the darkness.