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Join Francine Swaby & Lesley Chance for their award winning Handling Anger in Your Child with Autism or ADHD course is running again on zoom: 
Tuesday evenings 6.30pm to 8.30pm 
April 20th 27th 
May 4th 11th 18th 25th 
Only 12 free places available for parents living in Hertfordshire parenting children of primary school age
Home Learning – Shadow Art
What an amazing idea for the children during the lockdown. Shadow Art for a school project,  or just to keep them busy.  Outside, using their creative brain.  Should keep them busy for at least 5 minutes – now we just need something for the other 1,435 minutes that remain. 😜
Hertfordshire County Council
Our colleagues at @hertscc have created a selection of really important bereavement guides for people bereaved during the COVID-19 pandemic. These guides are downloadable and offer support to adults, young people and teens (+ Easy Read options)



Family Lives

Teenagers can struggle too – this information from Family Lives can help and guide with managing during the pandemic

Supporting your teen’s emotional health during the Covid-19 lockdown





Talking Teens – Workshop for parent and carers

For anyone wanting some further help with parenting a teenager, this workshop may be able to offer you some additional skills and guidance 






(Families Learning About Self Harm)

The FLASH course is for parents, carers and any family member or friend involved in the care and support of a young person aged 11-19 who is self-harming. This course was the first to be run in Hertfordshire and we had some amazing feedback:


If I could attend the course every week I would. I came away each week feeling a little more sane. The help was a godsend. The openness and understanding from the leaders were incredible. Felt heard. Felt supported. I didn’t want to stop. Wonderful, wonderful leaders. Thank you so much.

Thank you for an informative and enjoyable course. For future courses it might be easier for some people if it was during school hours as I have a couple of friends who would have liked to attend, but it is too late in the day

This course has been invaluable. I have learnt so much and received practical advice. I can’t recommend it highly enough

I have been able to transfer relevant skills to help others facing challenges that do not include self-harm. This course has been engaging, informative and knowledgeable trainers. What I have learned and how I have changed during this course has changed my life and that of my family for the better.

The communication skills and language and understanding of how to better support self-harm has given my child a language to be able to communicate about self-harm and I feel confident about helping others to understand why he does it. This course has created a personal support network for self-harm that I did not have before.

The course has been very useful and a positive, if emotional experience. It has helped give me time to reflect on situations within the family unit where reactions had become stuck and unhelpful. Through practicing different strategies discussed on the course and approaching situations different.

I feel that our situation has changed for the better with improved communication with every member of our family, not just between me and my daughter. Thank you

Thank you so much – it has been amazing and changed my family forever. To know that ‘its ok’ has been the biggest thing I have come away with. You guys are amazing, and I am really going to miss my weekly therapy sessions with you both (plus the coffee and biscuits!) Good luck in the future and hope to cross paths again soon . Thank you x

I feel less embarrassed and more empowered. This course was well structured and kept at a pace where all felt able to contribute and understand. The knowledge of the facilitators was evident from week 1 and that meant you felt less judged right from the start.

The information given to take home helped to refresh your thoughts.

The strategies and guidance have been invaluable. The items on the table each week for everyone, the cheese and biscuits and the supper evening was such an amazing treat and much appreciated. The course numbers and venue were great with easy parking. I feel inspired to help others. I would have paid double for this course. Sincere heartfelt thanks

Both Nikki and Leigh are extremely professional and respectful, but also have created a safe and often fun environment. Extremely skilled at what they do – thank you for everything!

I have learned a huge amount about how I respond and have accepted that I cannot change her behaviours – only my own. I still feel frustrated, but I no longer blame myself or my daughter. I really hope that this course will be more widely available – I have spoken to many people about it and how it has empowered me as a parent. Thank you do much.

Thank you.

I don’t know where to start. This course has given me so much. Along with helping my family I have become stronger and more understanding and found friendships with like-minded people.

Amazing – should be offered to more parents. Thank you Ollie Foundation for making it affordable

We will be delivering another programme in Hoddesdon, starting in April 2021.