DSPL4 Art Therapy and Counselling Provision

DSPL4 Counselling Service – Important information for schools

DSPL4 have engaged an organisation called Strength in Mind to deliver Art Therapy/Counselling to children and young people in the DSPL4 area. This mobile service will operate for 2 days per week delivering a provision by qualified and experienced therapists accredited with the BACP or equivalent, who have worked within education for over 20 years.


One to one Art Therapy/Counselling/Psychotherapy

Primary and Secondary aged students will be offered therapy once a week, within the school setting, for a period of up to 10 weeks. This can be extended dependent on the level of need.

Sessions will include, for example, talking therapies, CBT, Theraplay, Play/Art therapy. Using an integrative approach adapted to the students presenting needs, using a variety of mediums including; sand tray work, art, storytelling, music and puppetry.

Who should I refer for Counselling?

This is intended to be a high-end intervention. For your referral to be successful, you must be able to evidence that other interventions have been tried.  You may wish to refer to the examples below.

Tier 1 Interventions

Internal mentoring, Sand Tray, Monitoring/Report Card, IEP or equivalent, School-based Parenting Support, Children’s Wellbeing Team, Nurture Group, Schools Family Support worker, Drawing and Talking, School Nurse, MASH Consultation

Tier 2 Interventions

Step 2, Phoenix Centre, School Counsellor, Children’s Wellbeing Team, Educational Psychology, Rivers ESC involvement, ADASH, Play / Art Therapy

Tier 3 Interventions

Safety Support Plan or RAMP, SASH, Gangs and Youth Crime, CAMHS involvement has ceased


Examples of possible presenting needs:


In all cases, the child/young person should not be receiving CURRENT intervention from any other psychological service such as CAMHS, PALMS etc.

For further information about what constitutes a mental health concern, please refer to “Tools for supporting Children and young people’s mental health” published by HCC.

Issues to consider.

Strength in Mind would ask the following to be considered before deciding whether a referral is appropriate:

How do I refer for counselling?

Please complete the counselling referral form and send it electronically to Strength in Mind. The file should be password protected using the password which has been sent to you directly from Strength in Mind. DSPL4 will not see these forms.

Strength in Mind will contact you within 48 hours to confirm receipt of the referral and relevant paperwork (please ensure all paperwork is completed and attached or this will be returned)

Allocation meetings are held on the 28th of each month, after which the schools’ nominated person will be informed if the case has been accepted for work. If accepted, you will be notified of the approximate waiting time and the allocated session day and times allocated.  If the case is rejected, we will offer suggestions for alternative provision/support.


If you require additional information, please contact Strength in Mind direct.

Email: Support@strengthinmind.org.uk


Referral paperwork for the DSPL4 psychotherapy and Art Therapy provision:



Important School Information – Please read


Essential – DSPL4 Referral form for counselling –  NEW 2024

Essential – the-stirling-childrens-wellbeing-scale –  Primary School only

Essential – RCADS25-Youth-English-2018 –  Primary and Secondary ages 8-18 years

Self SDQ 11-17single – Optional information

SDQ_English(UK)_pt4-17single – Optional information


Safeguarding Policy 2023 2024


Could we ask that you please download all the above paperwork and read over the information prior to contacting the team?

All relevant paperwork needs to be completed in detail and in full, with the EWB Scale and/or RCAD included that has been completed within the past 4 weeks.

All relevant paperwork needs to be sent in one email.  Any incomplete referrals will be deleted from the system due to GDPR.